Wedding Day Services

Hair Styling

hairWhether they are elaborate curls or the traditional Indian hairstyle, hairdos set the mood for any event. That is why we are passionate and meticulously attentive to detail when it comes to hairdos and styles. At Laenka, our expert hands take your hair from ordinary to an artwork, infusing it with contemporary style and top-of-the-line products and material.

Our hair experts with international exposure and mature fashion sense are here to give you a personalized and caring advisor that can help you out on any of your bad hair days.




drapesThe veil is the ‘heart and soul’ of every bride’s attire. But if the veil settings are incorrect, the veil can slide and slip, burying the exquisite embroidery under the veil and around the neckline. Setting a veil up perfectly needs a fine hand of someone who shares the love of looking through it.

At Laenka, we elaborate generously on the different styles, settings and appearances of veil, chunnis and dupattas. It remains one of the overlooked aspects in the wedding, but our brides remain without the finishing glow until we have given their drapes –veil, chunni, dupattas and even floral arrangements –a gentle hand.


Make Up

makeupBridal makeover is a highly personalized affair. Our mantra is to explore the unique personality of each of our clients and use it to design a harmonizing makeover theme. Our professional makeup experts begin with a preparatory stage; the actual bridal makeover is sequentially divided into procedures so that every step is handled with undivided attention.

At Laenka, we offer a specialized Pre-bridal Trial to allow you to relax and experiment with colors, themes, foundations and materials. With our caring and personalized counseling, we let you discover and fashion your own dream look that can boast confidence and poise on your Big Day!



jewelryThe right jewelry settings can make or break a dream bridal look. Our experts are skilled at techniques for properly setting Eastern bridal jewelry to suit drapes, makeovers and hairstyles. Whether the bridal set consists of tradional Jhoomer, Matha pati, necklace or bangles, the right settings can conjure their deepest magics of beauty and exquisiteness.

At Laenka, we carry out jewelry settings to evoke the most wonderful sense of bridal beauty, transforming her from a banal mannequin displaying jewelry sets to a magical bride espousing confidence and pride.


Eyebrow Threading

Eye ThreadingPerfectly articulated brows accentuate your eyes and give you a refined and sophisticated natural look. Eyebrow threading is a delicate affair that we have learnt to excel at, adding shape and definition to your brow, or tempering an unneeded unibrow or thick-brow.

This technique removes hair at the follicle-level. Eyebrow threading therefore has a longer lasting effect so that you require less repetitive procedures. This technique also makes for a remarkably delicate and sensitive procedure – so, only let experts do it for you.