Kind words from some of my clients. Please also check out my Yelp reviews by clicking here. 


“I am a perfectionist and was so frustrated and tired of looking for a good makeup artist until I came across Myrium 🙂 I was so impressed with her work that I flew her to San Diego to do my makeup and hair. She not only did an outstanding job with my makeup but my hair looked great! I looked like I was Model for a bridal photoshoot! Everything was perfect. Thank you Myrium!”

Eman A
San Diego, CA

“Myrium is the best makeup artist. she knows how to make anyone look like a perfect bride. she is the only one who can make you look like a princess on your special day. Thanks Myrium. I’m so happy to find the “BEST” makeup artist and a sweet person 🙂 I would like to say to all future brides, only have Myrium do your makeup. You will feel like a “star“”

Shabnam Sharma
San Jose, CA

“I was extremely pleased with how I looked on my Sangeet, Wedding and Reception. My make up looked different for all three occassions and I looked stunning every time. Everyone kept on complimenting on how I beautiful looked for all three fungtions. Myrium is a very gifted artist who is not only always on time but has a positive energy that really helped me feel stress free on my wedding day! My pictures came out amazing and I looked like a beauty queen. Thanks Myrium.”

Sacha F.
San Jose, CA

“Myrium is the best make up artist I have ever come across. Her make up techniques are amazing and her skill level is extremely high. She did my make up for my wedding and I looked stunning! Not only my make up was perfect but everything else was set in a way that made me look like “THE PERFECT BRIDE” . Her work is no doubt very classy and polished ( no wonder she is so busy ). Her Laenka crew is also very professional and they did a great job on my bridesmaids. Thanks a lot Myrium.”

Neha Singh
San Jose, CA

“Myrium is simply Amazing. Her work is phenomenal. She did my makeup for the most special day of my life.She made me look like a doll. When my husband saw me, he just said one word ‘WOW’. I felt so comfortable with her as she is extremely friendly. She understand the occasion and does makeup accordingly. I got too many compliments that night and felt like a queen. All my friends who are engaged and getting married soon want to get their makeup done by Myrium only. She is undoubtedly the best and professional too.”

Rudra Bose
Fremont, CA

“Myrium did my bridal make up. I have no words to explain her work. She did a great job doing my make up. She is very reliable and very supportive. Myrium made me so comfortable everytime I went to see her. She does such an amazing job that I can’t even put into words. Myrium is very creative and adores her job. I am very glad that I found her for my special day. Myrium charges very less for what she has to offer. I just fell in love with her, Thank You Myrium!”

Aman Sharma
Tracy, CA

“There are absolutely no words to describe Myrium’s work she is indeed a true artist. Her blending techniques are amazing and the colors that she uses compliment the outfit and jewelry.I really fell in love with the make-up she used on me it made my skin feel soft and smooth for almost a week as if I had a facial done!I was also very impressed with her professionalism. It was great having you do my wedding make-up Myrium thanks for making me look like a model!!!”

Monica S.
Los Angeles, CA

“Initially, I was nervous to have my make-up done my Myrium because I’m an American girl who is not used to such dramatic make-up. Since the wedding was traditonal Pakistani style I decided I should go all the way. Myrium did both my hair and make-up. There are no words to describe how it all came together. It was amazing! Everyone said, “I look like a Pakistani Princess.” My friends and family could not stop talking about how beautiful I looked. She knew how to blend the make-up with my skin tone and select the colors that complimented by dress and jewelry. I can’t express how wonderful my photos and slide show turned out because of Myrium’s expertise. I’ve received so many compliments from my co-workers, friends and family, stating that “I looked like a model and could be in a magazine.” Myrium’s team did my bridal party (8 people) some of them were last minute additions, which she graciously accommodated. I’m very blessed to have found Myrium, she is a true artist.”

Sarah Jawad
San Jose, CA

“I got my wedding make up done by Myrium and believe you me one of my compliments was “don’t ever take off your make up it looks stunning”. This girl is a magician she makes you look like a model.Not only is she a great make up artist but she made feel comfortable when I was completely stressed out on my big day. If you want to look you best on your wedding I recommend you get Myrium to turn you into a perfect bride! Thanks Myrium, you made my wedding perfect :)”

Sumbal Inam
San Jose, CA

“Myrium is by far the best makeup artist I have ever come across and I am so lucky and thankful to have discovered her in time for my wedding back in June. She is so talented. She has a nack for what will look on you and enhances your features. She did the nicest blending & contouring I have ever seen. The makeup she used is beautician exclusive and stayed on the whole day! She’s a perfectionist and took her time to get it just right. Everyone complimented on my makeup and even the way she did my dupatta, everything was so classy. This may sound corny but I really felt like an indian movie star the whole day. All aside, she is also very nice and made me feel very comfortable and at home in her home. ”

Kiran Grewal
Livermore, CA

“Myrium is the best makeup artist ever!! She does such a fantastic job that you cannot even put it into words. I got married this past May and she did my makeup and hair for three days in a row. Normally if the same person does your makeup more than once, you can tell that it’s the same person doing the makeup because it starts to look the same each day. With Myrium, however, it wasn’t like that at all. Every day she did something completely different and even more beautiful that the day before. The products that she uses are even great for the most sensitive skin. I got compliments from every single person and all my friends, even the ones who live in different states, want her to do their makeup for their weddings (even if that means flying her out to wherever they live!!). The way she blends colors and especially her technique for eye makeup is amazing. Everyone just came up to me at the wedding and said, “I just can’t stop looking at you, you look so beautiful!” She takes lots of time to make sure that you look absolutely perfect for your special day (not even a single hair will be out of place!). And what’s even more amazing is that even if your face sweats, or if you cry, etc. the makeup will still look perfect at the end of the day!! Thanks Myrium for making my wedding perfect!”

Amrita Sandhu
San Ramon, CA

“It was great meeting Laenka – but honestly she didn’t handle her end of the bargain very professionally. She does do a great job but it was obvious she caters to a certain society group. ”

Paula Mani
Hayward, CA

“After consulting many makeup artists, a friend referred to Myrium. It was her professionalism that made me trust her. She did a fabulous job with the makeup and hair. I got a lot of compliments especially from my in-laws and hubby. If you want your wedding or any occasion pictures to come out ‘picture perfect’, Myrium is the one to get in touch with. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!!”

Omema Y.
Fremont, CA

“I don’t often write reviews but in this case I’m making an exception. Finding Myrium was a god-send. I had been researching make-up artists for my wedding and had even met a few. The thing was… they all seemed the same! Same products, same look, same results! I knew what I wanted in my mind but just couldn’t find anyone who could deliver. That’s when someone gave me Myrium’s number. She’s only just moved to the U.S. but maybe that’s why her work is so different. She really is a professional. She took charge and gave me lots of ideas that I would have never even thought of. It was really a relief to have at least this one thing off my plate; ultimately I booked Myrium for my engagement, wedding date and reception. This was the right decision for me as she really delivered on what I was looking for. Thanks Myrium!”

Kiran Shah
San Jose, CA

“What can I say about Myrium… She is THE best makeup artist in the bay area. I went to several salons and saw the beautician works, and I could not compare anyone with Myrium. Not even MAC. The products she uses are not even harsh on the skin as I have sensitive skin. Her blending techniques are unique and it gives a glow to the face. Myrium, you are THE best!!!”

Basmah Y.
Fremont, CA

“Where to begin when describing Myrium. Probably at the beginning. I’ve known Myrium for years and have visited her salon in Karachi every time I’m there. I was really excited to learn that she had gotten married and moved to the States. Knowing Myrium personally I can see how she brings her talents in painting and sculpture to her work as a make-up artist. I’ll try to be objective and say that while she’s not the cheapest person that you might find, I do think there’s a tremendous amount of value to the confidence you get from knowing that a real professional is working on you. In her case I think that the old saying “you get what you pay for” truly applies. Trust her…she really knows what she’s doing.”

Sahara Sohail
Fresno , CA