Individual Services

Bridal makeup

Discover a new YOU as we craft the beauty routine for your special day. Our experts meticulously plan your bridal day selection in advance, on your Pre-Bridal Trial day. We will revitalize your spirit with our body and facial makeup and eyebrow shaping. Then our exclusive hairdos with professional hairpieces and pin settings will take your hair to a form of artwork. Our highly experienced makeup artists will tend to your bridal makeover with unmatched attention to detail. Eyelashes, colored contact lenses (upon request) and hair extensions (upon request) make for a refined and majestic look.

In addition, our experts will handle the dopatta/chunni settings, jewelry and bindi settings and fresh flowers settings to give you an aura of confidence and grace on your special day. Step out looking sensually gorgeous from a makeup regimen that will transform your perception and personality like never before!


Friends of Bride



Let your makeover do the talking as your most beloved friend sits in the limelight. Match her grace and loveliness every bit by availing our specially tailored makeup routines for the Friends of Bride.



Party Makeup


It is the perfect evening makeup to give your personality a subtle shade of elegance and character. Light but refined, our party makeup theme has morphed into a sophisticated makeover routine specially tailored to highlight your personality at more casual events. The light makeup is accentuated with refined drape/sari settings and exquisite hairdo personalized specifically to match your drape, occasion and makeup.